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With things going haywire with the Earth and its climate, there is an immediate need for sustainable resources that will help replenish the existing non-renewable resources while helping the Earth bounce back to normal. At RI Nanotech, we aim to follow through and achieve better things for Mother Earth. Our patented technology for Graphene Oxide and MR Fluid can be used for the creation of various objects that find application in real-life. From creation of sanitary pads that are highly-absorbent and safe to manufacturing water filters, our patented technology can help you do it all.

As a team that aims to be the change-maker for the future generation, we provide our services for both, industry leaders as well as individual customers. We understand that technology so good should always be at the closest reach! Graphene Oxide is undoubtedly coming forth as one of the most promising nanomaterials that have opened up avenues for better exploration in verticals such as biodevices, electronics, sensors, optics, and so on. Remember, we cannot envision a future without our Earth. So, today is the day to act, and materials such as Graphene Oxide and MR Fluid can be your next step to make things better for the future.

Our Mission

From being used in the changing patterns of medical science to its use in electrical appliances, we serve a vision to spread out the use of MR Fluid and Graphene Oxide in the real world. Our team aims to work towards our collaborative goal of bringing this amazing technology closer to you. With time, we aim to be a global leader for environmental changes for the better. We also aim to encourage the industry leaders to incorporate these nanomaterials into their product manufacturing process, so as to give our future generations a chance to live in a safer and healthier environment.While we spread out our wings to areas all over the globe, we strive to achieve perfection with our products as well.

Our Vision

At RI Nanotech, we understand that substances start behaving very differently or even better when compared to their macro sizes. For example, Gold starts changing color in its nano form; silver starts showing antimicrobial properties, and so on. Our mission is to explore these potentials hidden in Graphene Oxide and MR Fluid. From features such as super-elasticity to coping up with changing temperatures, taking things to their nano-scale can aid in the creation of unique applications with a range of daily-use products.We view ourselves as the Graphene Oxide & MR Fluid enthusiasts that spend a significant amount of time learning more and more about the potential of the material. We aim to interact with the major impact-makers of a diverse range of industries, which include all verticals from the automotive to medical sector. We are a proud team that has started walking on a righteous path to environmental cleansing through the Nanoworld. With time, we aim to create a solidified foundation for he multifaceted arsenal of the services and products provided by us.

Why RI Nanotech India?

At RI Nanotech India, we understand that there is always a need for better technology. Whether it is the automobile industry or the medical sector, nanotechnology has found its way into our everyday lives. Our prime element graphene oxide is the honeycomb sheet comprised of carbon atoms that acts as the building block for different graphitic materials. Being extremely thin & lightweight, graphene oxide serves as an ideal material for multi-genre applications. Another critical focus of our work is the use of magnetorheological fluid as dampers, shock absorbers, optical polishers, and many more.Today, we aim to expand this technology way beyond its generic usage in large scale with customers all around the world investing in sustainable technology that is safe. The MR Fluid and Graphene Oxide produced by us are patent technologies.