Alcohol Sensors

With the increase in cases related to drunken-driving, there is surely a need for devices that can help prevent the same. Surely, the cops do their job, but it could be hard to monitor 100s or 1000s of drunk individuals that run the road on a daily basis.

In order to curb the devastating effects of hit and run cases due to drunken driving, the team at RI Nanotech comprising of Kuldeep Patel, Akash Pandey, and R.P. Joshi have come up with an innovation that is essentially created from scrap or waste product recycling. Termed as the Alcohol Sensor, this device essentially works on controlling the number of accidents that you hear about on a daily basis.

How did the product come into being?

Hailing from the land of Uttarakhand, India, these researchers wanted to do something that can help save lives while bringing about some changes in the current climatic condition. With the invention of the alcohol sensors, the team essentially brought along the best of both worlds. While the product subdues the chances of accidents from drunk-driving, it comes from waste products that help clean our Earth, one-sensor at a time! Another major component of the sensor is wild grass.

How does Alcohol Sensor work?

In simple terms, this product prevents the vehicles from starting if its driver is drunk. If the vehicle’s driver is feeling drowsy or in an intoxicated condition post-drinking, the device starts working at that very instant making it difficult for the one behind the steering to drive.

Before the driver takes the vehicle to the road, he/she needs to blow on the device’s graphene sensor. If the device detects alcohol content above the prescribed limit set by Motor Vehicle Act, the vehicle’s engine will fail to start.

Can the device be cheated on?

While most of the drivers will try to find another way out, cheating on this device is very hard. If the vehicle driver tries fool the device by asking someone else to blow its graphene sensor, it will activate the infrared feature in the device, thereby halting the start process altogether.

Apart from that, the device also comes with a feature that can alert the co-passengers by detecting the driver’s eye movements that he/she is feeling sleepy.

The device is equipped with:

  • Biometric Technologies
  • Automated SOS call

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