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At RI Nanotech, we manufacture the MR Fluid or Magnetorheological Fluid, which is a material used for the preparation of smart structures, which can even withstand the natural calamities, including earthquake. The MR Fluid shifts from solid to the liquid state and the other way round quite quickly. Thus, it helps in making the buildings flexible, which allows them to adapt with any of the external forces that usually makes the rigid buildings to snap.

Components of Magnetorheological Fluids:

RI Nanotech manufactures the Magnetorheological Fluid by making use of the three prime ingredients, including:

  • the carbonyl iron particles that are also known as the ‘soft’ particles of iron that have a diameter of 3-5 micrometres
  • additives to enhance the viscosity and fluidity of the material, helps the particles to remain suspended in liquid, which also helps in reduction of the pace of gravitational settling of the particles of iron
  • Also, we make use of hydrocarbon oil as a carrier liquid for producing the MR Fluid.

  • Application of the MR Fluids:

    The MR Fluids can be used in various industries, which involve:

  • Automotive Industry
  • For the seismic protection of the buildings
  • It is used in the washing machines
  • MR Fluid is used in medical science for manufacturing of the prosthetic knee
  • For the preparation of Artificial Muscles
  • For polishing the devices
  • Used in Clutches and Brakes
  • Used in hydraulic valves
  • MR Fluid is now being used as Robot Blood

  • Why is Magnetorheological Fluid in demand?

    MR Fluid is a whole new sensation in the market and has made a remarkable mark in the industry. The experts suggest that the demand for MR Fluid will grow exponentially in the upcoming future. At RI Nanotech, we deal with the preparation of the Magnetorheological fluid that is contributing to an automated approach among various manufacturers and industrialists.

    The demand for MR Fluid is increasing for robotics, which is being used in the braking and damping systems. We aim to deliver our customers in the field of medicine and construction with top-notch quality of the MR Fluid, which is contributing towards the growth of the market globally.

    Why Buy MR Fluid from us?

    Several dealers all across India deal with the manufacturing of the MR Fluid; but, at RI Nanotech, we not only manufacture the product we ensure to supply them directly to the various industries and the customers as well. The reasons for why you should opt for purchasing MR Fluid from RI Nanotech are:

  • We ensure that a broad range of stress yield is achieved at a field intensity of the minimal level
  • The material manufactured by us provides you with scope for operating at a wide range of temperatures
  • Our product delivers an instant response to the Magnetic fields
  • We make sure to use the adequate additives that provide ample settling resistivity
  • Supports high stability as well
  • MR Fluid that we produce is highly dense and viscous
  • Demands meagre power as well