At RI Nanotech, we deal with the production of Graphene Oxide, which is further used in manufacturing Sanitary Napkins that possess three prime characteristics:

  • They are Eco-friendly as the sanitary pads start decomposing within six months of them being disposed
  • The Graphene used in the manufacturing of the Sanitary Pads have antibacterial properties and act as a deodorant as well
  • The sanitary pads are healthy and safe as they do not make use of any chemicals, bleaches, toxins, latex, or perfumes

Characteristics of the Sanitary Pads prepared from Graphene Oxide:

They are Breathable The conventional sanitary napkins tend to restrict the free flow of air while trapping the dampness and heat and promoting the growth of bacterial and fungal infections. However, with the breathable layers that are possible only with the inclusion of graphene oxide that we produce at RI Nanotech. With the newest techniques of making use of graphene in the sanitary napkins, they become breathable and deter the growth of forms of fungal and bacterial infections.

They have the extreme absorbing ability and are leak proof as well  If a sanitary napkin has a surface of Graphene oxide, absorption increases to three times as much as the amount absorbed by the conventional sanitary pads. The sufficient supply of hydrogen in the pads can hold up the penetrated water instead of allowing them to backflow or leak sideways. The sanitary napkins prepared by using the Graphene oxide prepared by RI Nanotech has 360-degree wrapping technology that has leak-proof and edge-lock abilities.

Why Sanitary Napkins with Graphene Oxide?

  • The Nobel Prize of 2010 in Physics was awarded to Graphene that when used as a hydrogel lining in the sanitary napkins promises to reduce the abdominal cramps during menstruation
  • Graphene is the thinnest yet the most robust nano-material that can be used as a sanitary napkin material
  • Has the ability of 5 times more absorbability as compared to the traditional pads
  • The pad possesses anti-cancer effects
  • Makes the bottom layer of the sanitary pads breathable by allowing the free-flow of air
  • Activates the blood flow
  • Contains no harmful chemicals, toxins, bleaches, and perfumes
  • The machines carefully pack each napkin that is prepared and then is sealed after it’s formed completely to prevent it from getting in contact with the human hands, thus preventing any chances of contamination
  • The napkins are appropriately wrapped and are prepared from particles that absorb water efficiently

Why should every woman opt for the premium pads with graphene lining manufactured by RI Nanotech?

Pads with Graphene Oxide from RI Nanotech
Regular Pads
Free of any chemicals and toxic substances: The premium pads with Graphene oxide do not contain any forms of chemicals that are harmful that may result in any infections, mess with your reproductive system, or allergies causing any discomfort or illness. The pads prepared from our product are tested intricately in the independent labs.
Contains various harmful chemicals:
The standard pads usually consist of acetone, heavy metals, formaldehyde, dioxin, and many more chemicals. These substances tend to cause allergies and irritation to the skin, and with prolonged exposure, they may lead to some of the severe health issues. Also, these napkins are believed to contain carcinogens and harmful hormone disrupters.

Graphene Oxide Strip:
The excellent combination of the naturally found element like the graphene oxide along with the hydrogel lining on the sanitary napkins is known to reduce the odour or the growth of bacteria as well. They also tend to help with the menstrual cramps as well.

Unpleasant odour and does not provide any protection from bacteria:
The protection fragrances in the regular pads tend to cause irritation of the skin and allergies as well. The damp and warm environment created in the pad promotes fungal and bacterial infection as well.

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