In recent times, the thin sheets of Graphene have been used in the filtration membranes of water purifiers for the purification of water. At RI Nanotech, we deal with the production of Graphene Oxide from which Graphene can be easily derived to be used in water filters. Usually, the Graphene Oxide membrane is prepared to be used in the water filtration process. And at RI Nanotech we deal with just the same.

The procedure of Graphene Oxide Membrane Preparation:

The first step involves the adding of Graphene Oxide into the water that is deionized, which helps to obtain oxidised Graphene that is stable in nature and is dispersed through stirring and ultrasonic technique. This helps in the preparation of the Graphene Oxide Membrane for the filtration method. The primary methods of

Graphene Oxide membrane methods include:

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·       The Vacuum suction filtration

·       Spin coating

·       Spray coating

·       Dip coating

·       Layer by layer method

When the membrane is prepared using these methods, the energy consumed is lower, the operation is simple, the thickness of the Graphene Oxide membrane remains even, the level of flexibility remains intact, and it’s easy to transfer the membrane to other substrates.

Why Graphene Oxide for Water Filters?

The Graphene layer consists of a strong hydrogen bond, and the dried Graphene layer remains stable in the aqueous solution. Therefore, Graphene Oxide is considered to be the latest carbon-based membrane, which is being widely used for the purification of water. The Graphene tablets usually let the water molecules pass by while retaining Cland Na+ ions. Due to this particular property of Graphene Oxide, the engineers at RI Nanotech made sure to use Graphene oxide for water filtration.

The Graphene film is generally used for the desalination of water, and the flux of water can be increased by a considerable magnitude in comparison to the traditional reverse osmosis membranes.

At RI Nanotech, we deal with the production of Graphene Oxide, which is quite rare to be found in the market. Thus, we make sure to supply it to the water filter manufacturing companies or the industries that require filtrated water at a reasonable price.


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