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Graphene Oxide

Graphene is a single layer of pure carbon and is formed when carbon atoms are bonded into hexagonal patterns. Graphene is considered to be two dimensional because its layer is too thin. Before graphene was discovered on 2004 scientists believed that two dimensional compounds could not exist because they would be too unstable. Graphene however though its bonded hexagonal lattice pattern is completely stable. Graphene, while largely transparent can be seen with the naked eye even at one atom thick (0.345Nm).

Graphene possesses some exceptional characteristics, including:

  • Graphene is stronger than kevlar and 200 x stronger than steel.
  • Extremely lightweight, Graphene at 0.77 mg per M² is 1,000 x lighter than regular paper.
  • Graphene at one atom thick is the thinnest material we can see.
  • Best known conductor of electicity and can move electrons 10 x faster than silicon using less energy.
  • Best know conductor of heat at room temperature.
  • Graphene can absorb 2.3% of white light remarkable considering how thin the material is.
  • Sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly as carbon is the 4th most abundant material on earth.

    Graphene Oxide:

    Although Graphene has a myriad of features, its productions are relatively hard and expensive. However, At RI NANOTECH INDIA, we prepare Graphene Oxide from the oxidation of Graphite that is comparatively cheaper and can be produced in abundance. Just as the name suggests, Graphene Oxide is the oxidised version of Graphene, which is laced with the groups containing oxygen. The substance is in dispersible in water and other solvents as well. The product is sold in forms of powder, the coating on the substrates, or as dispersion material.

    Why Graphene Oxide?

    Because of its unique properties Graphene Oxide can be used to enhance the properties of most products in virtually every industry, including Aerospace, Medicine, Construction, Automotive, Electronics, Clothing, Cosmetic, Textiles, Food, Agriculture, Sports Equipment & Health.

    Recently, Graphene Oxide has been in much demand for being used in the materials used in Space. The substance is environment-friendly. Graphene Oxide is used along with Nano porous membranes, which plays a significant role in the desalination of water, and acts as an excellent water filtrate. Also, the property of Graphene Oxide being able to remove the radioactive materials from contaminated water bodies.

    Some Applications of Graphene:

  • Electronics: Batteries, LED displays, Computer processors, Flexible screens, Data memory.
  • Medical: DNA sequencing, Biosensors, Medicine, Drug delivery, Drug coating, Medical equipment.
  • Construction: Cement, Steel, Protective paints, Building materials, Solar panels, Coatings
  • Automobile: Oils, Waxes, Filters, Paints, Tyres, Anti-scratch coatings, Fuel catalysts.
  • Health: Hearing aids, Eye wear, Anti-bacterial products, Drug delivery, Skin care, Pregnancy tests.
  • Agriculture: Fertilisers, Equipment, Anti-bacterial products, Veterinary products.
  • Clothing & Textiles: Light-weight, Anti-bacterial, UV resistant, Fire retardant, Anti-odour, Waterproof.

    Why Buy Graphene Oxide From Us?

    We specialise in the synthesis of nano-materials like Graphene Oxide and Reduced graphene by making use of comprehensive analytical abilities. Our R&D team have many years experience and expertise in the field of Nanotechnology. We focus on the production of Graphene Oxide that is environment-friendly and can be used in most industries. We conduct our business with the ultimate transparency and authenticity. We offer technical expertise and a high quality customer services.

    We manufacturer Graphene Oxide to your individual requirements and desired specifications:

  • Graphene Oxide
  • Graphene Oxide Powder
  • Graphene Oxide Dispersion
  • Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO)