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The process of instrumentation is always critical to the proper functioning of an industrial scale lab. From R&D to maintenance, calibration, or adequate functionality of the units, proper instrumentation is vital. At RI Nanotech, we specialize in provisioning your instrumentation needs with hi-tech devices such as fiber-optic spectrometer, Fluorescence spectrometer, Modular Raman Spectrometer (used for Graphene measurement), Mono Chromator, and so much more!

We RI Nano Tech India are complete solution provider for R & D market in the field of Laser Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Studies etc. We integrate and install Mono chromator, Light source, Optical Components, Solar Simulators and Spectrometer for different applications. Our role is to suggest, procure and indent equipment for our customers. We offer system/setup integration, and provide software solution for complete data acquisition and data analysis. We have specialized and highly skilled manpower to suggest solutions to our customers in the field of high-end instrumentation.


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