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Graphene Oxide

When carbon atoms are bonded in hexagonal patterns, Graphene is formed. Graphene is considered to be two dimensional because its layer is too thin. Due to the honeycomb pattern of Graphene, it possesses some of the exceptional characteristics, including:

  • It is the strongest material
  • It is the lightest material as well
  • It is transparent
  • Most conductive in nature

  • Although Graphene has a myriad of features, its productions are relatively hard and expensive. However, At RI Nanotech, we prepare Graphene Oxide from the oxidation of Graphite that is comparatively cheaper and can be produced in abundance. Just as the name suggests, Graphene Oxide is the oxidised version of Graphene, which is laced with the groups containing oxygen. The substance is indispersible in water and other solvents as well. The product is sold in forms of powder, the coating on the substrates, or as dispersion material.

    Why Graphene Oxide?

    Graphene Oxide can be used in the preparation of several materials, including the productions of sports equipment, shoes, microphones, light bulbs, art, wearables, and the list goes on. At RI Nanotech, we deal in the production of Graphene Oxide, which is used in the preparation of eco-friendly infrastructures such as asphalt road surfaces that are more sustainable and durable as compared to the conventional methods of building the roads. Recently, Graphene Oxide has been in much demand for being used in the materials used in Space. The substance is environment-friendly. Graphene Oxide is used along with nanoporous membranes, which plays a significant role in the desalination of water, and acts as an excellent water filtrate. Also, the property of Graphene Oxide being able to remove the radioactive materials from contaminated water bodies. At RI Nanotech, we produce Graphene Oxide, which is then further used by the biomedical industries for the production of sanitary napkins. The Graphene Oxide in the sanitary napkins can aid the women from various difficulties including –fatigue, painful cramps of the abdomen (dysmenorrhea), metabolism, improves the immune system, has aromatic effects, reduces bacteria, and helps in moving the heat away from the core region.

    Application of Graphene Oxide:

    At RI Nanotech, we produce Graphene Oxide from the Oxidation of Graphene that has a variety of applications. Like:

  • Graphene Electronic Components and Circuits,Semiconductors
  • Energy Harvesting and Storage
  • Batteries
  • Graphene Fertiliser/Fertiliser through Bio Waste and manure
  • Supercapacitors
  • Cement and Construction
  • Plastics/Polymers/Elastomers/Leather/Packaging/Food Packaging
  • Paint/coatings/Anti Bacterial Primer/Anti-Mosquito fluid
  • Textiles
  • Water Filteration/desalination
  • Sensors/Aerospace
  • Pharma/Drug Delivery/Drug Discovery/Tissue Engineering
  • Cancer Treatment/DNA Sequencing/Vaccines
  • Rapid Neutralization/IVF/Smart Nano Drugs/Sanitary Products etc.

  • Why Buy Graphene Oxide From Us?

    At RI Nanotech, we specialise in the synthesis of nanomaterials like Graphene Oxide by making use of comprehensive analytical abilities and years of experience. There are many different companies in India dealing with the production of Graphene Oxide, but what makes RI Nanotech stand out from the crowd is:

  • We have a team of experienced professionals who possess sufficient expertise in the field of Nanotechnology
  • We focus on the production of Graphene Oxide that is environment-friendly and can be used in various industries
  • We aim to conduct the business with ultimate transparency and honesty; thus, Graphene Oxide produced by us RI Nanotech is authentic
  • We make use of top-notch technical expertise for outstanding customer services
  • Various businesses can benefit from the Graphene Oxide provided by us at RI Nanotech to prepare various by-products of Graphene.
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